Executive Members

Name Email Position
Nick Levy nicklevy.olf@gmail.com Board Chair
Kevin Andrews kevin_andrews@hotmail,com Board Vice Chairperson/Conflict Resolution
Stacey Schofield slschofield_5@hotmail.com Chair of Finance Committee
Sherri Pineo sherri.pineo@novascotia.ca Chair of Communications
Brennan Kennedy brennan1689@gmail.com Chair of Competitive / Tryouts
Brennan Kennedy brennan1689@gmail.com Chair of Recreational and Female
Peter Morse morseps@gnspes.ca Chair of Development
Jill Sanford jill.sanford@outlook.com Chair of Risk Management
Derek Hale thesepticdoctor@gmail.com Chair of Physical Assets
Murry Turner murrayturner61@gmail.com Chair of Team Staff Support
Kevin Andrews kevin_andrews@hotmail.com Chair of Coach Selection
Julie Sutherland-Jotcham julieamha@gmail.com Association Safety Rep
Jo Phinney acadiaminorregistrar@gmail.com Registrar
Melissa Jodrey amhatimekeepers@gmail.com Timekeeper Bookings
Peter Morse petermorse2021@gmail.com Officials Scheduler